Our world is diverse and we are all different.
We believe that prosperity and happiness are available to everyone.
We will be your guide to your success.
Open yourself up with us
Are chakras real?
Everything is energy


Health, wealth and prosperity at all levels of life. Together we change everyone’s life for the better! In the circle of like-minded people, a conscious immersion in bodily and spiritual practices awaits you with the aim of transformation at all 7 levels of the chakras.

12 month coaching
with Kate Spirit

  When a person is in harmony   with himself, with others and with nature, he becomes Enlightened and creates Nature and the World with his being!

Strive for self-improvement in everything, observing the internal ecology of bodily spiritual growth

Rebalancing Yoga Retreat USA with Kate Spirit in Miami

A yoga retreat is a secluded vacation experience that is so much more than a vacation. It is a disengagement from the hectic and monotonous life. It lets you embark on a wellness journey that aims at the holistic upliftment of the body, mind, and soul through yogic philosophy. 

Production Center

A training production center for the development of talents for masters of bodily-spiritual practices and artists.

Sacred Body Geomtry Massage
in Miami Beach

Sacred body geometry massage is a unique body work system that helps to adjust your body imbalances with deep feet pressure on specific points. With a special technique, the release of body blockages and tensions can be easily removed, promoting the better blood circulation and increasing the flow of Qi (life force energy) within the whole body.

For In-person & Online classes

Step 1
Sit Back And Relax

Give yourself five minutes

of rest to tune in 

Step 2
Make A Request Or Wish

Focus and think about what you are missing and what you would like to change

Step 3
Fill the form

What Our Students Say About Us

"Dear ecological body masters, it was so pleasant and useful to take your courses. They are all priceless. I would like to note that the course on proper nutrition is one of the most intensive courses. It is about iI and practice. This information is very difficult to find. And important and useful course, i recommend it to all my. friends. I am very grateful to you for such information. You are all professionals in your field. Your team is doing a good deed for people who want to take care of their health correctly and reliably. I wish you health foe many years. "  Olga
"Dear organizers, topic gorgeous, if possible - now not stop learning about this topic, and background weekly, monthly. This is true important. This is so vital and precisely tandem of psychology and physics (at least) give environmental friendliness. Thank you in advance!"

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