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Natural Rejuvenation Retreat

1. Deformation type of aging.

The practice includes exercises that have a beneficial effect on the muscles of the front of the head, toning and strengthening them. Thanks to this effect, the oval of the face acquires clearer contours, the severity of wrinkles decreases, the skin acquires a healthy color and radiance.

2. Skin rashes, edema, pigmentation.

The technique has a detoxifying effect on the skin and deep subcutaneous tissues. Hand movements go along the lymphatic vessels, actively working in the areas where the lymph nodes are located. As a result, the outflow of lymph from the face and neck improves, which leads to improved elimination of toxins from this area, reduction of edema and normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

3. Gooseneck effect.

Dances for the neck and special exercises work out the neck-collar zone, trapezium, and the thoracic region, which tightens the muscles of the neck and makes it strong. This is where the platysma muscle is located, which is responsible for the aesthetics of the neck.

4. Facial fatigue, correction of general tissue distortion.

Often the face becomes deformed and you look tired from the stress of the nervous system. It can also be caused by scoliosis, in particular the cervical spine. We do physical exercises and self-massage, which allows us to level the asymmetry.

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